Mentoring Session
Ncell App Camp finalists participate in one-to-one mentorship session

Mentoring session with the 24 finalists was organized on December 15, 2015. During the session, experts from various fields talked to the finalists about building a business model, improving the user interface and pitching ideas to potential investors.

The experts provided one-to-one mentorship to each of the participating group and provided them valuable insights into their apps. The experts said that all ideas selected were novel in some way, and participants needed to now focus on creating a sustainable business around their app.

“We saw that most of the participants need to focus more on their business model, and give due consideration to legal aspects of their app,” said mentor Niraj Sharma, head of e-banking at Nabil Bank
Another mentor Shailendra Raj Giri also said participants need to think more about building a business around the app. “All apps we saw hold immense potential,” he said.

Ncell App Camp, first organized in 2014, is part of Ncell’s corporate social responsibility programme. This year, partners of the even at Kathmandu College of Management, Metlife, Nabil Bank and e-sewa.

Rabin Shilpakar, a participant from 'Arcube Games', said that during the session his team got to learn more about incorporating advertisement into the app.

Amuda Mishra, a participant from 'Nidarr', said the mentorship session helped her team learn more about options to make users pay for the app.