I. Who can participate in Ncell App Camp?

Ncell App Camp is an event for a team of people who share passion about mobile applications. They can be be anyone, ranging from students to informal groups to professionals. The team usually have:

  • Mobile developer;
  • Design and UX expert;
  • Business developer, marketing people, product manager and idea executor.

You can register alone, but since the competition is all about teamwork, you need to team up with like-minded people and build a team by the time submission deadline ends.

II. What is the minimum and maximum number of individuals allowed in a team?

Each team can have a minimum of 2 members and maximum of 5 members.

III. How can I participate?

To participate, first, you need to register. To register click here. After you register, you can submit your idea and add team members in it after your idea has been reviewed and published.

IV. How can I submit my idea?

You must log in to submit your idea. In homepage and in main menu, you can see buttons saying ‘Submit Idea’. Click one of those buttons and you will come to a form where you can give your details of idea. After filling the form, hit submit.  Once your idea is submitted, it will be reviewed by admin to ensure that the submission in genuine before it gets published.

V. How to add team members in my idea?

First, make sure that 'Are you looking for team members?' option checked. And person you intend to add in your team should first register and create an account. Then ask him/her to login, visit your idea and request to join your team. Other registered users willing to team up with you can also send a request. You will receive notice of such request in your email. You can view the list of requests on your idea page, and accept the request to add the team member.

VI. How to join a team?

You can send a request to join the team you like by using the ‘Join Team’ button in idea listing page or idea detail page. You will be added to the team when the team leader accepts your request.

VII. Do we have to build a mobile app?

Yes, of course. But your mobile app can be in any phase; working prototype or finished. but at the end it should be at least working prototype

VIII. In which platform do we need to build the app?

It can be in any platform:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows phone
  • J2ME
  • SMS

IX. Do we have to develop only mobile app?

The competition is basically about developing a mobile app. Depending on the need, your app could be supported by additional web component and other technologies. If you are not able to come up with finished mobile app, it is mandatory to develop at least a working prototype as your minimum viable product (MVP).

X. Are there any criteria to participate?

Yes, there are. Click here for the criteria (Terms and Conditions) to participate.

XI. Can I submit more than one idea in same category?

No, you can not submit more than one idea in the same category.

XII. Can I submit idea for two or more categories?

You can submit one idea in each categories. If more than one of your ideas get selected during the initial screening, you will need to select one among them to proceed to the next phase (of idea refinement and development). The whole concept is to enable individual teams to focus on an idea that they think is the best.

XIII. What if I have an idea but don’t have a team?

Look out for like-minded people who have some skills needed for participation in Ncell App Camp 2015, ask them to register and join your idea or after you post your idea, people interested on your idea too can send request to join your team.

XIV. What if I have no idea but want to participate?

You can register, create account and start looking for idea that you want to work on or team that needs your skill. You can send request to be part of that team. The team leader can accept your request and add you in your team.

XV. Can I send requests to join multiple ideas?

Yes, you can send requests to multiple ideas/teams.

XVI. What happens if I am team leader/ member of multiple ideas and more than one idea I am associated with are selected for the next phase?

You have to choose one and only one idea that you want to be part of. If you are a team leader of multiple and selected ideas, you need to choose one idea and quit others. In case you are member of multiple ideas, inform team leaders of the ideas you want to quit about your decision, so that team leaders of ideas could make changes accordingly.

XVII. I want to update my idea / team details after submission. Can I do that?

Yes, you can update details you have submitted by logging into the website and making relevant changes during the submission period. You can change your idea title, category, description and team members. However, you will not be able to change team leader’s name.  Once you make changes to published ideas, it will go through a review process (to ensure genuine content) before the change is reflected.

XVIII. What happens after submission of idea?

After submission of idea, panel of experts will screen the ideas based on the standard evaluation criteria and a maximum of 150 ideas will be selected for participation in the capacity building seminars and training. Those 150 teams will require to prepare MVP during this stage.

XIX. What if two teams happen to submit similar idea?

Ideally, we encourage teams with similar ideas to join up and work together. It’s a Silicon Valley style - help each other, not hide what you are doing and compete. Together these teams can be more dynamic and bring more value to the users and market.
Still, if teams prefer to work separately, selection will be done based on the solution the idea proposes to the problem, value it will bring to the target audience and product features. In case, the idea and solution happen to be exactly same in all resect, idea that was submitted first will be considered over other.
Hence, we request participants to work on their concept first and enter details asked for in the idea submission form clearly.

XX. What are the seminars and trainings for?

Seminars are for acquiring priceless global and local knowledge, experience of creating innovative solutions and learning the art of founding innovative business from experts. Inputs from seminars will also help the teams to enhance their understanding on the current scenario and problems pertaining to given sectors (Games & Entertainment, Health, Tourism and Utilities), supporting them to further refine their respective ideas. Trainings are for helping participants to learn about mobile app development, business model development around their app and pitching their idea to relevant stakeholders.

XXI. What are the dates of seminars and training?

November 2, 2015: Training on Business Development
November 4, 2015: Training on Idea Pitching & Presentation
November 8, 2015: Seminar on Marketing and Monetization
November 23, 2015: Thematic Seminar on Games & Entertainment, and Health
November 25, 2015: Thematic Seminar on Tourism and Utilities
November 29, 2015: Training on User Interface and User Experience and Mobile App Development

XXII. Can all members of team participate in seminars and training?

Since seminars and training aim to impart knowledge on specific themes and topics, one relevant member of each team can participate in a given seminar or training. Team leader should coordinate within the team and provide the name of the member who would be participating in the particular seminar or training. As an example, we expect business developer of the team to join training on business development rather than other members. Likewise, other members are expected to join other training or seminars relevant to them. By the end of the seminars and training, we expect all the team members to have participated in at least one seminar or training and each team to have acquired knowledge from all seminars and training.

XXIII. What happens after seminars and training?

After seminars and training, teams will be required to submit their final refined ideas and their MVPs. The team leaders will be provided with online forms to do so. Teams will be judged based on their final MVPs. 24 best ideas (teams) -- 6 from each category -- will be selected for the main competition.

XXIV. What are the judging criteria for selecting finalists?

1. Importance of Problem (Weightage: 20%)

Ideas should serve as an important milestone in providing solutions to problems that matters the most. So, following aspects among others will be looked upon:

  • How important is the problem that the app is trying to solve ?
  • How important is it to develop a mobile app to solve the stated problem? If it is important, how much impact (qualitative and quantitative) does the solution (app) have on solving the problem?
  • Is that solution feasible enough to make any changes in current scenario or future?
  • Does it solve a portion of the problem or is it capable of solving the problem completely?
  • Is the idea innovative and unique? Ideas should not be an exact copy of an existing solution elsewhere. Even if the idea is based on similar concepts that already exist, they must depict the characteristics of innovation and uniqueness by adapting them to local context or local need.

2. Product (Weightage: 20%)

Ideas have zero value unless they are worked on and implemented. Teams that have promising idea should also possess equally promising product to go along. So, following points are vital to evaluate a team’s product

  • Is the app qualified enough to justify the idea, description and other artifacts that have been presented?
  • Do the app features and functionalities justify the problem(s) the team intends to solve?
  • Are the features of the app innovative and useful?
  • Does the app look intuitive and user friendly ?
  • Does the proposed or used technology exist in our local context or easy to acquire? For e.g., it is difficult to get Google Glass as it is expensive and might not fit in context of Nepal.

3. Business Model (Weightage: 20%)

Ideas should have the potential to sustain in itself by creating a business model around it. Hence, business model is a vital component that can be attributed to some of the points below.

  • Does the idea provide any value to its users?
  • Does the idea really tap the opportunities and provide any unmet needs of market?
  • How supportive are the factors such as Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental to the idea in present and future?
  • Could the idea capture a potential market and grow in future?
  • How prepared are the team to tackle any possible competition existing in the market in present or might exist in future?
  • How well are the team prepared to market their product?
  • Does the idea have potential to earn revenue?
  • How good is the sustainability plan?

4. Global Scalability (Weightage: 20%)

Do the teams have the potential to scale up (both at national and international level) by providing innovative solution that matters? In this context, following points among others are considered in assessing scalability

  • Is it feasible for the team to scale up their business to another location other than the primary one in the future?
  • Assessment of scalability at an international level (other countries, regions, etc.)
  • How prepared is the team to scale up?

5. Presentation and Articulation (Weightage: 20%)

Teams should be able to articulate their vision and plan properly even at an early stage showing they are in best position to sustain their ideas. Following points among others are used to assess articulation and presentation of ideas.

  • How is the overall presentation of idea?
  • Is articulation clear enough to understand idea and product?
  • How organized was the presentation?
  • Does the supporting materials help to comprehend the idea more?

XXV. What do finalists have to do after being selected?

Finalists will participate in the main event, get further guidance from mentors to further refine their MVPs, and get inspired by local and international experts. The finalists will have to pitch their idea and demonstrate their product to the jury and audience.

XXVI. How long will the finalists get to pitch their idea?

Each finalist will get 5 minutes to pitch their idea and 2 minutes for Q & A.

XXVII. How many winners will be selected?

Four winners will be selected; one each from the four categories. Among them, one grand winner will be selected.

XXVIII. What are the prizes?

Each category winner will receive a cash prize of 250,000/- Overall winner will additionally receive 500,000/- in cash plus an opportunity to participate in similar overseas event in 2016.

XXIX. If our team/ idea wins, when will we receive our prizes?

Although the winners will be announced during the main event, the teams will have time till January 15, 2016 to complete and submit their products/MVPs. So, cash prizes will be distributed once they complete their products. This will be done by January 31, 2016. The exact date of prizes handover will be communicated to the winners on January 15, 2016 - the last day for completion of product/MVP. Each of the winning teams need to ensure that their final products/ MVPs are in line with what they presented during the main event to receive the awards.